Leather Edging - Crafts

Edgers are used to skive, thin or bevel edges, cut a leather corner, cut a channel or trim in some areas of leather.  The edgers are nice and have a good feel and work as dual purpose edgers both tight corners and straight away edging. It is good to have a selection of leather edgers because some will work better than others on different types of leathers due to the softness or firmness of the leather.

THIS TOOL IS AWESOME!!! This gouge is used to cut a channel so that leather can be folded to make boxes or any item that requires an angle to it. It cuts a rounded channel which surprisingly leads to a perfect fold of almost any angle.

A hassle-free tool is an ideal choice for lightweight leather projects. It gives comfort working environment and accuracy in use so that users can work for a longer time because of its soft gouge. Wooden handle fits comfortably in hand for power when making long cuts and cutting heavy leather. The main advantage it easy to sharpen. And the price is budget-friendly

Properly edging and rounding the edges of your projects gives a professional look every time. The stainless steel blades maintain a good sharpness for repeated use. Largely sized handle ensures a comfortable grip. Stainless steel ferrule. The larger the size, the more leather removed. Fully sharpened and ready for immediate use.

The design and shape are should be comfortable in the hand and is graceful in maneuvering bends and corners. So edgers come sharp and will make quick work of your edges for a long time to come. 

When working with thin leather there often isn't much clearance between your work surface and your leather. Only edgers address this problem by having a narrower toe design than most other edges. The smaller toe gets you low enough to make easy work of your edges. For thicker leathers, the toe design makes for easy maneuvering and protects against any gouging. 

Most of edges are made of beautiful Bocote hardwood, brass ferrules & high-quality steel. The wide cutting surface makes for versatility and ease of use.