Miscellaneous Craft tool

Miscellaneous Craft tool Leathercraft Stamps

When working with an old pattern design that suggests a craft tool that you don't have or can't find, here some list of miscellaneous leather hand tools -

Cobbler Pincer

Shoemaker's Pincer is a must for every cobbler. A rugged forged steel pincer for heavy ripping.  Great for removing rivets, snaps or nails.

Circle Edge Slicker

Circle Edge Slicker tool gives leather smooth, finished edges. Works quickly and easily. Projects made from strap leather should have the edges burnished unless they are going to be laced. The edge should first be rounded with the properly sized edge beveler.

Horn Creaser

5-1/2" long with an indentation on the wider end to assist with edging. Made of real buffalo horn, this creaser can make a big difference when assembling your leather projects. Creasers are often overlooked as being a useful tool. It has many uses: smoothing, creasing, forming leather, adhering cemented leathers, burnishing edges, etc. An indispensable tool for making holsters and cases.

Leathercraft Poly Roller Leather Hand Tool

This durable roller is perfect to flatten your hand lacing for a professional, finished look. Can also be used to help transfer craft aids and help crease folds in leather during project construction. Most of the hardwood handle is 3-3/4" long with a 1-3/8" wide poly roller

Plastic Bone Folder nylon

Functions as a small creaser, large creaser, folder, edge burnisher, and slicking stick. Head is removable when used as a slicking stick. Burnishes both 3/32" and 1/8" edges. Made from durable nylon.

Leather Gloves

It’s an important tool for working wet leather because of the leather poisons hand may affect in different diseases as well ad it also protects malate hit.